Premium AC Service in Dubai

We provide AC cleaning and repair in the UAE for commercial clients. Discount up to 35% on an annual contract

KLIMATIKA for Business

Welcome to professional HVAC services from our company, where quality and dependability meet international experience and personalised service. We are proud to present our B2B service, dedicated to business customers, that are looking for excellence in the maintenance of climate systems.
With nearly 20 years of experience in the European and CIS markets and over 2 years of success in the UAE, we have accumulated priceless experience and expertise that we are ready to offer your business. Our international team of engineers and technicians, based on Russian-speaking professionals, is complemented by qualified staff from India and the Philippines. This allows us to interact effectively with customers of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, ensuring the highest level of service for each client.

Our key services include

Prevent unexpected breakdowns and extend the operations' life of your equipment with our annual service plans. Benefit up to 35% lower prices compared to a one-off service.
From household split systems to fan coil units and freon systems, our experts provide fast, quality repairs of any complexity.
We offer a range of installation works, including air handling units and filtration systems, guaranteeing their efficiency and reliability.

Our prices

Comprehensive cleaning of 1 AC unit
from 1250 AED [1]
Cleaning of air ducts in additional rooms where there are AC grilles only, without AC units
from 650 AED [2]
Repair of AC system, one-time visit without comprehensive cleaning of the system
from 500 AED/hour [3]
Repair of the AC system carried out within a visit for cleaning
it depends on the type of work and consumables; the client pays for spare parts required separately
MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) repair
from 360 AED/hour [3]
[1] For premises with more than 5 AC units, there are discounts.
[2] The cost and need for service for outdoor units (villas and townhouses) depends on the condition of the units and is determined based on the results of the site inspection.
[3] Prices might vary because of difficult access or heavy contamination due to a long absence of cleaning, etc.
* Service in other emirates is available, extra charges for distance are applicable.

Our Advantages


How we work

Below are pictures from reports to our customers. Move the slider on pictures leftwards and rightwards to see the difference in the level of contamination in your AC system before and after we accomplished the cleaning service.
Documents for the work permit
for getting access to your premises
UAE trade licence

Special Offers for corporate customers:

Restaurants and cafes, beauty salons, massage and manicure salons.
Assisting in the pre-sale preparation of flats on the market.
Individual approach to your client's needs on the price, list of services and materials used.



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